The Durand Mansion

Our elegant Italianate Mansion was built in 1856 for local industrialist Henry S. Durand.  The building is an excellent example of the Italianate design which was a style that was popular during the mid to latter part of the 19th century.  It features a low pitched roof with wide eaves, and brackets, tall windows, and a cupola or belvedere.  The east porch and bay windows provide a magnificent view of the park.

In 1899 the Mansion was occupied by the Otis Johnson Family.  In 1906 Mr. Frederick Robinson, President of the JI Case Company, purchased the Mansion from the Otis Johnson Family.  Mr. Robinson rejuvenated the Mansion in 1906 adding electric lights, gas, steam heat, stained glass doors, and windows.  The floor plan remains exactly as originally built which keeps the original charm of years gone by.


The Racine Masonic Center

In 1920 the Masonic Organizations met in a joint session to acquire or build a new Temple.  It then evolved upon the Temple Board as to how this might best be accomplished.  This Body then took the matter under consideration and obtained the Robinson Estate at 1012 Main Street on which to construct the new Masonic Temple in Racine.

These plans were designed by Brother E.B. Funston, a member of Racine Lodge No. 18.  The work was carried on as quickly as possible and the first official action was the laying of the cornerstone which took place on Saturday afternoon, May 27, 1922.  Work on the building continued to the progress very rapidly and the final dedication of the Racine Masonic Center took place on Saturday afternoon, June 30, 1923.